• Why Scheduling Must Survive (Deltek)

    Why Scheduling Must Survive (Deltek)

    Over the past decade, a surprising trend has emerged in the field of project management, particularly noticeable during the recent economic downturn.

    The following conclusion came to light. Savvy project schedulers are at risk of becoming a dying breed; thus, project management specialists need to do everything possible to reverse this trend.

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  • True Cost of Project Delay (Deltek)

    True Cost of Project Delay (Deltek)

    For major capital expenditure projects, every day late equates to thousands of dollars lost.

    In fact, for an average size project, even a 10 percent overrun can lead to a $5 million hit to project profitability. Extrapolate this out to the average 20 percent to 30 percent delay that most projects report and you are looking at a significant loss—one that impacts your company’s bottom line.In this white paper, we explore the true cost of project delay, from profitability to company reputation, and arm you with the solutions you need to avoid and overcome overruns.

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  • Moreland City Council Case Study (Principal Toolbox)

    Moreland City Council Case Study (Principal Toolbox)

    Finding a project portfolio management tool that is intuitive, flexible, simple to use and effective is no easy task.

    Moreland City Council in Melbourne’s booming inner north had been grappling with project management issues for almost a decade.

    “We’d been trying to get it right at Moreland for eight or nine years and we’d had policies and methodologies and frameworks and PMO officers,” the council’s Project Management Adviser Ruth Robles McColl said.

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  • Tideway Case Study (Deltek)

    Tideway Case Study (Deltek)

    A new "super sewer" for London, known as The Thames Tideway Project is now underway. It will be constructed by Tideway - privately financed by a consortium called Bazalgette Tunnel Limited, in conjunction with the delivery partner CH2M.

    The tunnel will not only improve the environment, ecology, public health, appearance and reputation of London, but it will also give a much-needed and immediate economic boost by creating thousands of skilled jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships.The project has a budget of £4.2 billion.

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  • How to Establish Controls Across Your Entire Project Portfolio (Deltek)

    How to Establish Controls Across Your Entire Project Portfolio (Deltek)

    What is the trickiest part of project management for an enterprise?

    Managing the diverse projects in your portfolio!

    Should our EACs be reflective of our revenue and profitability plans?

    Yes, absolutely—and should come from one comprehensive toolset!Most companies have a variety of projects. That variety can be in contract type (Cost Plus, Fixed Price,T&M), or in duration and dollar amounts. A project-based business will most likely have some version of

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