About Connexion Systems

Connexion Systems works collaboratively across a wide range of industries to find change management solutions that are tailored to their particular organisational needs. We work with many private companies and government organisations in finance, health, defence, insurance, mining and many other fields of expertise. Connexion could help you too. Contact us today and connect with Connexion.


Who we are

Connexion Systems is a long-established technology company that specialises in the delivery of PPM solutions. We match business needs with software capabilities, backed by the right level of support. Our approach focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of client business needs, which enables us to maximise the value we deliver.

The company’s professional services team has decades of experience working with Deltek PPM tools, providing implementation, integration, and training both bespoke and generic via a continuously run national public course program. Connexion Systems does not use a boilerplate methodology as we recognise that a cost effective and timely solution needs to be based on the specific situation of each business we work with.

Our Values


We respect the client and relationship. We understand without you, there is no us.


We pride ourselves on our honesty to our clients. Our long standing name in the industry is a testament to this.


A long history of living and breathing software. Our brains are wired to think like the tools we use.


Our customer service is second to none. We are approachable, knowledgable and friendly.

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