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Today’s world demands a different perspective on change in organisations. Change has become business as usual. Organisations with change in their DNA, also known as agile organisations, are the future.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to be able to manage and accelerate all of these changes. The context is key. In some cases, a waterfall approach is appropriate. But for other, less-predictable changes, a (scaled) Agile working method is a better choice.

Regardless of the approach, in the end, successful change is about people who enjoy working together and want to make a lasting, strategic impact.

We help you achieve that. We enable change!

Think Strategic

A clear and transparent strategy process increases the chance your strategy will be successfully implemented. As part of that, it is essential for employees to know exactly what the strategic objectives of the organisation are and how their actions contribute to them.

Fortes Change Cloud strategy apps facilitate this communication both top down and bottom up.


Do Agile

Many organisations work Agile based on the Scrum methodology. But when there are numerous teams, you will soon need coordination between teams and continuous alignment with strategic objectives. Scaled Agile methods provide a good solution for this. With its Scaled Agile apps, Fortes Change Cloud offers support for organisations that want to apply Agile organisation-wide.

The intuitive apps can be easily configured to support popular Scaled Agile frameworks, such as SAFe and LeSS. The apps smoothly integrate with commonly used tools such as JIRA and Microsoft TFS.

Do Waterfall

Realise strategic changes using project portfolio management (PPM). Get a grip on time, money, quality and resources.
Ensure rapid and efficient implementation of strategic initiatives thanks to full insight and transparency into the entire change organisation. Focus on achieving maximum impact by connecting initiatives to strategic objectives.


Learn Fast

Learning fast is only possible by means of real-time insights into the entire change cycle. Therefore, continuously monitor the effect of all initiatives on strategic objectives and gain better control on benefits and costs.

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Why use Fortes Change Cloud

Easy to use

Every app has a specific function, suited to what the user needs at that moment. The apps work intuitively and can be used on every device.

Quick implementation

By being easy to use and manage, Fortes Change Cloud is much quicker to implement than other tools.

easy to ADAPT

The organisation can easily include existing working methods, without programming, in Fortes Change Cloud.

Supports proven best practices

Proven methodologies from Agile and portfolio and project management are included by default in Fortes Change Cloud, such as SAFe, LeSS, PRINCE2, Stage-Gate and AgilePM.

easy to integrate

Every app has a specific function, suited to what the user needs at that moment. The apps work intuitively and can be used on every device.

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