Deltek Training Courses via Virtual Classroom

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions, we have adopted the model of virtual courses, via a virtual classroom.

Our Virtual Classrooms are being offered primarily via Zoom, and our standard remote desktop feature only requires AnyDesk access. This will provide attendees with an isolated desktop, complete with software installation and associated files. Attendees enjoy the segmentation of engaging course content, with presentation slides, white board explanations, and course exercises.

We utilise a specialised training venue for our Virtual Classroom setups, which are supported by high level logical and physical network security measures to help keep any data secure. In addition to this, we have an on-site IT team.

Please fill out the training enquiry form below, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Connexion Systems are still offering face to face courses. If your organisation is interested in this, please specify in the message section below:

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