Deltek Open Plan Professional

Open Plan is an enterprise-class project management solution that offers the power and flexibility to complete medium-to-large and/or multiple projects on time and on budget. With multi-project analysis, critical path planning, resource management and Risk analysis, Open Plan caters to the differing needs of business, resource and project managers.

Open Plan supports your initiatives to improve planning and scheduling. User defined validations and real-time schedule quality analysis make it easy to implement company best practices, PMO standards or simple reminders of issues to be addressed.

Why use Deltek Open Plan Professional

Manage large scale projects

Adhere to scheduling best practices that drive successful projects while allowing concurrent access for teams to work effectively.

built-in reporting

Easily and effectively communicate plans with project stakeholders using standard, summary and exception reporting.

Enterprise resource management

Follow industry best practices by resource loading schedules and view demand vs. capacity.

One-step critical path analysis

See driving and critical paths based on logic in combination with float through out-of-the-box schedule driver analysis.

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